(Answered left to right)

First off, to answer a common question: no I don’t have kik. Maybe I’ll download it someday soon. Also, I don’t reply to my messages very often. Typically I reply to them in bulk like this. If you don’t want your username revealed it’s best to send them to me anonymously.

• The most thrilling part of mpreg for me is definitely the belly and everything about it. I love the shape of pregnancy and the baby kicking around in there. If you could make a baby in me? Well I don’t know you so I’m not real sure about that. I’d like to be pregnant myself but I’d also like my partner to go through it as well. Male birthing is appealing to me but probably wouldn’t be if I were on the birthing bed :p

• Inflating can be done a couple of ways but I stick to anally via an aquarium pump I picked up at PetSmart. The main thing is getting used to it. Be safe and don’t overdo it. Your body will usually tell you when it’s time to quit and you need to be smart enough to listen.

• There are a lot of searches I do on Instagram for pictures. Most of them come from #foodbaby #beerbelly #beergut but there’s tons more that I check. You just have to be creative when thinking about possible hashtags someone would use to tag their belly with, and also query with other languages.

• 9 hour pregnancy as opposed to 9 months? Hmm. I think I’d be down with that. The problem then would become what to do with all the babies, because you know I’d be getting pregnant daily! How would I find the time to blog o_o

• Thank you and welcome to our little mpreg world! I love the porn edits as well. They’re really fun to do and I’m glad you enjoy them. I like to add the fetuses inside sometimes just so that there’s no question the model is pregnant. I love how the masculinity of the male model is juxtaposed with a pregnant stomach. I dunno, I think men would be damn good at pregnancy. We’re strong, we’re capable, bring it!

• Maybe I should start a harem…?